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Integrating with Other Tools

Note: This is a non-exhaustive list of integrations

ytt and kbld

We recommend to use kapp with ytt and kbld to cover your configuration templating and image building needs. Typical workflow may look like this:

ytt -f config/ | kbld -f - | kapp deploy -a app1 -f- -c -y


If you want to take advantage of both Helm templating and kapp deployment mechanisms, you can use helm template command to build configuration, and have kapp apply to the cluster:

helm template ... | kapp deploy -a app1 -f- -c -y

PV labeling controller

If you want to have better visibility into which persistent volumes (PVs) are associated with persistent volume claims (PVCs), you can install so that it copies several kapp applied labels to associated PVs. Once that’s done you will see PVs in kapp inspect output.

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