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Sync command


vendir sync command looks for vendir.yml file in current directory for its configuration. vendir.yml specifies source of files for each managed directory.

# Run to sync directory contents as specified by vendir.yml
$ vendir sync

See vendir.yml spec for its schema.

Sync with local changes override

As of v0.7.0 you can use --directory flag to override contents of particular directories by pointing them to local directories. When this flag is specified other directories will not be synced (hence lock config is not going to be updated).

$ vendir sync --directory vendor/local-dir=local-dir-dev

Sync with locks

vendir sync writes vendir.lock.yml (next to vendir.yml) that contains resolved references:

  • for git, resolved SHAs are recorded
  • for hg, resolved SHAs are recorded
  • for http, nothing is recorded
  • for image, resolved URL as a digest reference
  • for githubRelease, permanent links are recorded
  • for helmChart, resolved version
  • for directory, nothing is recorded
  • for manual, nothing is recorded

To use these resolved references on top of vendir.yml, use vendir sync -l.

Syncing from different directory

As of v0.22.0, you can use --chdir flag with vendir sync command to change current working directory of vendir before any syncing occurs. All other paths provided to vendir sync should be relative to the changed directory.


vendir allows the users to cache OCI Images in their disk so as not to rely on access to the registry all the time. To activate this feature the users need to set the environment variable VENDIR_CACHE_DIR. This variable should point to the path where they want to store the OCI Images.

$ mkdir -p ~/.vendir/cache
$ export VENDIR_CACHE_DIR=~/.vendir/cache
$ vendir sync

Note: Not all images can be cached. Only images that are referenced by SHA can be cached.

The user can also specify what is the maximum size of the content to be cached, by setting the environment variable VENDIR_MAX_CACHE_SIZE. The default value, when the variable is not provided is 1Mi (1 Megabyte).

The following are some accepted values:

1   = 1 Byte
1Ki = 1 Kilobyte
1Mi = 1 Megabyte
1Gi = 1 Gigabyte

Example of usage:

$ mkdir -p ~/.vendir/cache
$ export VENDIR_CACHE_DIR=~/.vendir/cache
$ vendir sync

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