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Via script (macOS or Linux)

(Note that script installs other Carvel tools as well.)

Install binaries into specific directory:

$ mkdir local-bin/
$ curl -L | K14SIO_INSTALL_BIN_DIR=local-bin bash

$ export PATH=$PWD/local-bin/:$PATH
$ kbld version

Or system wide:

$ wget -O- >

# Inspect before running...
$ sudo bash
$ kbld version

Via Homebrew (macOS or Linux)

Based on

$ brew tap carvel-dev/carvel
$ brew install kbld
$ kbld version

Specific version from a GitHub release

To download, click on one of the assets in a chosen GitHub release, for example for ‘kbld-darwin-amd64’.

# **Compare binary checksum** against what's specified in the release notes
# (if checksums do not match, binary was not successfully downloaded)
$ shasum -a 256 ~/Downloads/kbld-darwin-amd64
08b25d21675fdc77d4281c9bb74b5b36710cc091f30552830604459512f5744c  /Users/pivotal/Downloads/kbld-darwin-amd64

# Move binary next to your other executables
$ mv ~/Downloads/kbld-darwin-amd64 /usr/local/bin/kbld

# Make binary executable
$ chmod +x /usr/local/bin/kbld

# Check its version
$ kbld version

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