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About kbld

kbld (pronounced: kei·bild) seamlessly incorporates image building and image pushing into your development and deployment workflows.


  • Orchestrates image builds (delegates to tools like Docker, pack, kubectl-buildkit) and registry pushes
  • Works with local Docker daemon and remote registries, for development and production cases
  • Records metadata about image sources in annotation on Kubernetes resources (see examples below)
  • Resolves image references to their digest (immutable) form
  • Not specific to Kubernetes, but works really well with Kubernetes configuration files

See building and deploying simple Go application to Kubernetes example that uses kbld.

Why digest references?

Docker images can be referenced by their name (nginx), name-tag pair (nginx:1.14), or a digest (nginx@sha256:c398dc3f2...). One can avoid potential deployment inconsistencies by using digest references as they are immutable, and therefore always points to an exact image. kbld helps Kubernetes users convert image references to their digest form to make sure exact image is used during deploys.

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