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kapp considers a set of resources with the same label as an application. These resources could span any number of namespaces or could be cluster-wide (e.g. CRDs).

kapp has two methods of finding resources:

  1. via unique-to-Namespace application name (via -a my-name flag), or
  2. via user provided label (via -a label:my-label=val flag)

First approach is most common as kapp generates a unique label for each tracked application and associates that with an application name.


Applications can be listed via ls command:

$ kapp ls


To create or update an application use deploy command:

$ kapp deploy -a my-name -f my-app-config/

Deploy command consists of two stages: resource “diff” stage, and resource “apply” stage.


To delete an application use delete command:

$ kapp delete -a my-name

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