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Kapp Controller Startup


The startup of kapp controller consists of two processes: controllerinit and controller.

The controllerinit Process

This is the main process for the kapp controller binary. Since the binary is the entrypoint for the docker image, kapp controller will be PID 1 and is therefore responsible for reaping any zombie processes, so the process begins by starting a thread to reap any zombies that appear. More on PID 1 and zombie processes can be found here.

Next, the process will look for the controller Secret or ConfigMap and apply any system level configuration specified within.

Finally, the process will fork to the same binary with a new flag, --internal-controller, starting a second process, which runs the actual kubernetes controller.

The controller Process

This process is responsible for running the app reconciler, which handles the fetch, template, and deploy aspects of kapp controller.

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