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Security Model

App CR privileges

kapp-controller container runs with a service account (named kapp-controller-sa inside kapp-controller namespace) that has access to all service accounts and secrets in the cluster. This service account is not used for deployment of app resources.

Each App CR must specify either a

  • service account (via spec.serviceAccountName)
  • or, Secret with kubeconfig contents for some cluster (via

forcing App CR owner to explicitly provide needed privileges for management of app resources. This avoids a problem of privilege escalation commonly found in other general resource controllers which rely on a shared service account (often requiring cluster admin privileges) to deploy resources.

Since App CR only allows to reference service account or kubeconfig Secret within the same namespace where App CR is located, kapp-controller is well suited for multi-tenant use where different users of App CRD have varied level of access (e.g. some may have cluster level privileges, and other may only have access to one or more namespace).


  • User A has been granted access to namespace a (and no other namespace or cluster level access). User A can create an App CR with a service account located in namespace a to deploy resources into namespace a. It is not possible for user A to create an App CR that would install cluster-wide resources or place resources into another namespace. (e.g. a user that just deploys web application to their namespace)

  • User B has been granted access to namespace b and ability to manage specifically named CRD (single scoped cluster-wide privilege). User B can create an App CR with a service account located in namespace b that installs app into namespace b and also manages single CRD lifecycle. (e.g. a user that manages another controller for other users)

Minimum ServiceAccount Permissions

For users managing App and PackageInstall CR privileges via a service account, the verbs in the role below are needed for working with ConfigMaps.

kind: Role
  name: app-ip-cr-role
- apiGroups: [""]
  resources: ["configmaps"]
  verbs: ["get", "list", "create", "update", "delete"]

These permissions are needed because of how kapp tracks information about apps it manages, which is via storing information in a ConfigMap. So even if your App or PackageInstall CR does not create ConfigMaps, the service account will still need permissions for working with ConfigMaps.

The ConfigMap permissions above are needed in addition to any other resource/verb combinations needed to deploy all resources created by the App and PackageInstall CRs.

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