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About imgpkg

imgpkg is a tool that allows users to store a set of arbitrary files as an OCI image. One of the driving use cases is to store Kubernetes configuration (plain YAML, ytt templates, Helm templates, etc.) in OCI registry as an image.

imgpkg’s primary concept is a bundle, which is an OCI image that holds 0+ arbitrary files and 0+ references to dependent OCI images (which may also be bundles). With this concept, imgpkg is able to copy bundles and their dependent images across registries (both online and offline).

Bundle diagram

Workflows ΒΆ

  • Basic Workflow shows how to create, push, and pull bundles with a simple Kubernetes application
  • Air-gapped Workflow shows how to copy bundles from one registry to another, to enable running Kubernetes applications without relying on external (public) registries

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