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Using registry:2 and non-distributable layer ΒΆ

We do not recommend the usage of registry:2 in production

There is a known issue when using registry:2 image as the registry and using it as the destination of a Bundle or Image that contains non-distributable layers.

The problem is surfaced with an error similar to

imgpkg copy \
  -b \
  --to-repo localhost:5000/some-bundle
imgpkg: Error: PUT http://localhost:5000/v2/some-bundle/manifests/sha256-6195153fbf1af788bb68124fe2e0b016a1d0b6d3d8ca16cc6d23823d8a7b5445.imgpkg: multiple errors returned:
  UNKNOWN: unknown error; UNKNOWN: unknown error; map[]; MANIFEST_BLOB_UNKNOWN: blob unknown to registry; sha256:3a78847ea829208edc2d7b320b7e602b9d12e47689499d5180a9cc7790dec4d7

This error happens because the registry:2 registry does a validation on non-distributable layers and checks the URL against the provided allowed list, which is empty so it fails.

For local development this validation can be turned off. To do so start the registry using the following command

docker run --env REGISTRY_VALIDATION_DISABLED=true -d -p 5000:5000 --restart always --name registry registry:2

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