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About kapp-controller

kapp-controller provides a Kubernetes native way, via App CRD, to specify how to fetch, configure and deploy software to the current cluster or to a different cluster.

Given that application configurations for Kubernetes software can be specified in various forms:

  • plain YAML configurations
  • Helm charts
  • ytt templates
  • jsonnet templates
  • etc.

and found in various locations:

  • Git repository
  • Archive over HTTP
  • Helm repository
  • etc.

and written/provided by:

  • in-house development teams
  • vendors offering COTS products

as a Kubernetes user I would like to customize, install, and update such software in a consistent and manageable manner.

Another motivation for kapp-controller was to make a small and single purpose system (as opposed to a general CD system); hence, it’s lightweight, easy-to-understand and easy-to-debug. It builds on small composable tools to achieve its goal and therefore is easy to think about.

Finally, for the fans of GitOps, kapp-controller turns kapp into your continuous cluster reconciler.