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Carvel In August

by Aaron Hurley and Carvel Engineers — Sep 12, 2022

Carvel in August

August was an action-packed month in the land of Carvel. Keep reading to learn more about what’s going on in the project!

In the News

Let’s get started by reviewing some fresh Carvel-related content:


kapp had two releases in August:

  • v0.52.0
    • Added --default-label-scoping-rules flag to enable or disable the default label scoping rules added during deploy
    • Bump from v0.22.10 to v0.24.3
    • Bug fix: --app-metadata-file-output writes to disk even when deploy fails
  • v0.51.0
    • Added --app-metadata-file-output flag which can be used to save recorded app metadata to a file.
    • Bump modern-go/reflect2 to v1.0.2 to fix incompatibility with Go v1.18
      • This problem became apparent with some random failures while trying to connect to GKE clusters.
      • Example error fixed unexpected fault address 0xb01dfacedebac1e fatal error: fault


  • v0.40.0
    • kctrl
      • Introducing the package authoring commands
      • dev deploy
    • Packages can constrain Kubernetes and kapp-controller versions
    • Package authors can now specify that their package can be installed on a certain versions of both kapp-controller and kubernetes.
    • Surface namespace and GK resources in AppCR status
    • Upgrade GoLang from 1.18 to 1.19
    • Bumped dependencies
  • v0.39.0
    • Add arm64 builds
    • Add downward api
    • Rename KC owned apps from x-ctrl to or x.pkgr
    • use cache mount in Dockerfile
    • various bug fixes
    • kctrl
      • Add tailing behaviour to package repo and add a package repo kick command
      • Disallow use of shared namespaces for package installs
      • Enhance tty experience


  • v0.31.0
    • Resume the download of an image/bundle to tar
    • By providing the flag --resume to the copy command, imgpkg is now able to only download the missing blobs that cannot find in the file on disk. The flag doesn’t error out if the tar file does not exist
    • Check if an image or bundle is cacheable or not. Note: This feature is only available on the new API call. Let us know if you see any benefit in implementing option 1 from that story.
    • API Improvements:
      • When calling the function to push images to the registry, via API, the user can provide a progress bar logger. This will allow for the progress to be displayed in the console.
      • Create API for Pull
      • Extracted the Pull logic to the new package that will contain imgpkg’s public API, check the package. With this change, the Pull command can be changed to provide machine-readable output.


August was spent collecting and acting upon feedback for schema validations. These features are planned to GA in mid-September. For a preview, see the below links.


  • v0.30.0
    • semver HighestConstrainedVersion takes additional constraints

Farewell til Next Month!

Wishing you smooth deployments and painless upgrades!

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